LikeLunch Q&A in 10 key points

Connect with:
• Your LinkedIn username and password. Create your account here
• Or your email address (standard registration)

To change your profile (email registration):
• Click on “change my profile” from your page.

To change your profile (LinkedIn registration):
• Change your information on LinkedIn (the information will be updated on LikeLunch within 24 hours).
• Your professional category can be changed on LikeLunch from your “profile

Click on the “contacts” icon at the bottom left of your screen to see who is around you. If there are no contacts nearby, click on the search icon to search by city, person or business depending on the professional category you are searching for.
To send an invitation, select the contact that you wish to invite and click on “invite first name”.

• You will be notified of their answer
• Red status: invitation refused
• Orange status: invitation pending
• Green status: invitation validated

Once you and your contact have mutually agreed to meet, the invitation changes to “meeting” status.

To delete/cancel a meeting, click on “invitations” and delete the selected invitation.

Once the invitation is accepted, click on “choose date and location” to access nearby restaurants (restaurants from Google Map).

• Select one from the suggestions
• Choose a location and date: the person will be notified of your choices
• New proposal: the person may propose a different restaurant and/or date.

Once the invitation is accepted, you can chat using the LikeLunch chat feature to get to know the person better.

• A pre-completed message will help you launch the conversation
• See your conversation history at any time, by clicking on the “messages” icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen

To add a contact to your favorites, click on the “favorites star” in the person’s page. To remove the person from your favorites, click on the star again.

Click on “block contact” (from the contact’s page or the menu), if you no longer wish to see the person on your list.

To unblock a contact, click on “unblock this contact” (from the contact’s page or the menu).

LikeLunch is a free app. It offers you the possibility to expand your professional network however you see fit.

Consider “recommending LikeLunch” on social networks and/or by email to share the app with more people.

You undertake to use the service in compliance with the LikeLunch conditions of use and privacy. You can block a contact at any time or notify us of a user that is not respecting the regulations and/or the rules of conduct stipulated in the LikeLunch conditions of use and privacy.
Log out:
To log out of the app, click on “log out“, at the bottom of your page. You will no longer receive notifications but your account will remain active.

Delete account:
If you no longer wish to use the services of the LikeLunch app, you have the option to definitively delete your account.

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