Cookies Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file generated when you visit a website from your computer or mobile device (tablet, smartphone, etc.). Cookies collect navigation data for the operator of the website. This data can be used to recognize each user individually, whenever they connect to the site, to facilitate navigation for users.
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Use of cookies

The cookies collected by LikeLunch are used to distinguish between the different visitors to our site. They are used for statistical purposes to improve your user experience by optimizing the site ergonomics. They may also be used to establish the commercial profile of each user with the aim of conducting marketing, advertising, promotional or commercial activities.
In navigating our site, you agree to allow LikeLunch to place cookies on your computer. The cookies registered on our site have a lifespan of nine to twelve months. After this period they are deleted.

The cookies on our site

If you have commented on an article on the LikeLunch website, these cookies record your data (name, email, website)

This cookie is recorded when you click on the “OK” button of the banner display during your first visit to the LikeLunch website, so that this banner does not display again when you return. This banner has the following text: “We use cookies to provide you with a better experience on our website. By continuing to navigate this site, or by clicking on the “OK” button on this banner, you accept the use of these cookies.”

In accordance with the recommendations of the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL), the cookies placed on user computers by the LikeLunch website are deleted within a maximum period of 13 months.

Third-party cookies

These cookies can be placed by sites or services external to the LikeLunch website. They are not under the control of the LikeLunch site. For more information on these cookies, please visit the third-party website.

Cookies placed by the Twitter module on the LikeLunch blog pages



Cookies for analytical data

Provenance: Google Analytics


_utma: serves to improve the content of the site by providing user navigation tracking information. It serves to distinguish between users and sessions.

_utmb: serves to improve the content of the site by providing user navigation tracking information that identifies new sessions or visits.

_utmc: serves to improve the content of the site by providing user navigation tracking information that identifies navigation during the session.

_utmz: serves to track the performance of marketing campaigns and other sources of traffic.

Configure/Delete cookies

Every visitor may configure their web browser to enable or block cookies from being recorded on their computer. Visitors may make or change their choices at any time on their browser software.
If a user declines the use of cookies on their computer, or deletes the cookies recorded, this choice may alter navigation on the LikeLunch website. LikeLunch declines all responsibility for any deterioration of navigation related to the decisions made by the user.
Every browser has its own system for configuring cookies and your choices. This configuration is described in detail in your browser’s help menu, and will tell you how to proceed to configure your choices.